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JULY 5TH - 8TH, 2018

 The 2018 WCAN MRC Sanctioned event is designed to give you the, the Amateur Racer, a unique, professional motocross racing experience. We strive to provide you with an experience to remember and better prepare you for the pinnacle of our sport in Canada, the MRC sanctioned Rockstar Energy Triple Crown. Together with our committed sponsors, industry partners and MX enthusiasts we are working with the Revelstoke Motocross club, the Revy Dirt Riders  to provide the opportunity for Western Racers to experience this event in their own backyard as well as give our Central/Eastern Amateur racers and opportunity to experience the Western Canadian breathtaking scenery that surrounds this National quality MX track. We are also providing Pro Racing, including a Pro Purse, at the end of each race days format.

Revelstoke BC is a favored destination for MX families and racers. It is not only an outstanding 2 minute+ motocross track with excellent dirt, natural land contoured layout and good spectating but the surrounding community and tourism has made it one of the most favored 4 season outdoor enthusiasts destinations in Canada.

Thank you to all our partners, especially the Revelstoke community and Revy Dirt Riders for supporting and hosting the 2018 Western Canadian Amateur Nationals.

Western Canadian Amateur Nationals Racer Details:

 MRC License Mandatory.

Available on sign up. Cost $50/weekend $140/year,

Transponders Mandatory.

Limited rentals available. You can pre-purchase at mcqmx.ca . They can be shipped up to 2 weeks prior to event to ensure they are registered and activated and for the event.

Pro Class provided. 3 Moto format to run at the end of each Amateur day line up. Pro Purse TBA.

Online Pre Entry Sign Up:

Online sign up is encouraged and processed until July 3rd at 12:00am. Online sign up will open June 1st.

Racers can sign up for up to 4 Classes.

**All Sign Up times AT THE EVENT does include a $25 additional charge.

Sign Up open at the event  :

Wednesday July 4th 6:00pm - 8:00pm.


Wristbands: $20 each up to $60 per family

Camping:$15 per night

Entries $100 per class. Includes TWO AMATEUR 15 minute practice/qualifiers per class on Thursday, July 5th and 3 Motos, one moto per day July 6th, 7th and 8th.

Open Pro Am $100.  Includes one 20 minute practice following full Amateur practice/qualifiers Thursday July 5th. Intermediates allowed to sign up for Open Pro Am but must qualify during Pro Practice.

Sign up at the event does include a $25 charge.

Pitting Information:

Wednesday July 4th

Priority Pitting and Move in Times:

Vendors and Sponsors - 12:00pm - 4:00pm

Racers 4:00pm - 10:00pm

Practice/Qualifying Formats and Information:

Thursday July 5th:

Mandatory Riders meeting 7:45 am.

Practice/Qualifying  8:30am

Amateur Practice and Qualifiers:

Thursday, July 5th

* Each individual class will receive TWO 15 MINUTE TIMED practice/qualifiers.

*Your Practice/Qualifier is the only avenue to qualify for the A or B Mains.

*The TOP 30 laptimes in Practice/Qualifier 1, in  your class, will proceed to the A main. Your second Practice/Qualifier is the LCQ and will determine the FINAL 10 fastest lap times who will proceed to the A Main.

*B Mains will be provided for any class for 10 or more racers who did not make the A main up to a full 40 gate moto. B mains do not include trophies or payouts. B Mains will not be provided for less than 10 gates.

*Practice/Qualifying Order will be determined following confirmation of all class entry numbers.

Pro Riders: NO qualifiers for MRC Carded Pros. Intermediates who wish to ride the Pro Am must qualify during Pro practice.

Racing Format:

July 6th, 7th and 8th.

Mandatory Riders Meeting (random roll call taken) 7:45 Am

First Class site lap to begin at 8:30am

*Each day will run one full Race Order Line up.

*All A Main classes will be run separately and receive a site lap.

*B Mains do not receive a site lap and may be subject to combined classes.

*Moto 1 Gate pick to be determined by lap times. Moto 2 and 3 Gate pick to be determined by previous moto standings.

*All MRC Rule book rules to be strictly followed. Protests must be made within 20 minutes of posted results accompanied by a formal protest form and $100. If protest is ruled in your favor, the $100 will be refunded. If the protest is not ruled in your favor $100 will not be refunded.


Young Ladies

New Kid Beginner 

50cc (4-6)

50cc (7-8)

50cc Open

65cc (7-9)

65cc  (10-11)

85cc (7-11)

85cc (12-16)

Schoolboy (12-16yrs) 86cc -153cc 2stroke/75cc-250cc 4stroke


Junior MX1

Junior MX2

Junior MX3

Intermediate MX1

Intermediate MX2

Intermediate MX3



Vet Junior

Vet Master

Plus 40

Under 30 (Youth)

Open Pro Am

Trophies and Podium Awards:

To be presented 1 hour after completing Moto 3 line up July 8th. You must be present to receive your trophy or payout.

Trophies to 5th place.

No amateur payouts.

Pro 100% Payout

Night time Entertainment to include:

Thursday July5th: Ali K. Zam Productions Family Magic Show

Friday July 6th: WCAN Ian Greys $10,000 Hole Shot Contest

Saturday July 7th: UTV Racing and Live Lynyrd Skynyrd Cover Band "Swamp Music"