We hear a lot about “Sponsorship” in motocross. Promoters and clubs ask for it, riders desire it and fans notice it.  But what is sponsorship really?  And why do people work so hard to acquire a decal package or jersey for their events and/or teams?

The motocross industry begins with people who have the desire to participate in MX.  That creates a need for race bikes, gear, parts, service, mechanics, vehicles, trailers and so on.  This in turn drives the need for events, event promoters & competitors.

Sponsorship is defined as a person or organization that contributes financially to an activity, event or individual.  In return, the recipient provides opportunity to advertise their sponsors at events attended or hosted.  Sponsorship is essential to the life and health of motocross.   

Event promoters take on the task of attracting riders, tracks and industry people collectively to create a viable, sustainable race/series to be enjoyed by everyone! Event promoters approach related businesses and manufacturers for sponsorship in the form of dollars, services and/or products which are then used to organize, advertise and attract more people to the event or sport.  In exchange, event promoters advertise for their sponsors.   

Individual riders also seek sponsors to help offset the significant personal financial commitment required of both amateur and professional racers.  Many riders receive sponsorship based on their riding ability, exposure and patronage of a particular business. For instance, a rider may receive a discount from local bike shop for their patronage.  In return, the rider advertises for them by encouraging their peers to shop at that store.  As riders grow and develop race resumes, businesses inside and outside their residing area will consider them as vehicle to promote and advertise their products to a larger audience.  This is where businesses and manufacturers may provide greater financial support like bikes, gear, vehicles, trailers, etc. in order to have a ‘travelling billboard’,  if you will.  These riders are committed to advertising for their sponsors.  You only have to watch one supercross race to see how strategic and important sponsorship is to athletes and businesses alike!

Sponsorship is vital to creating a successful, viable sporting event which in return feeds back into industry businesses.  So we see sponsorship is not a passing word to leave in the dust...it is a HUGE part of motocross.  Without it, the sport diminishes.  

The next time you look at a sponsorship page on a website, a banner at a race, a decal on a bike or a name on a jersey please TAKE NOTE!!  These companies and businesses think YOU are important and are willing to invest in your sport!! Show them your appreciation by supporting and patronizing their businesses, stores, ride their bikes and use their services.

MCQMX would like to take this opportunity to thank OUR SPONSORS for their support in our upcoming 2016 MX Race Season!   We ask that you visit our website, check out our sponsors and stop by their place of business so that we may all sustain a healthy sport!