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February 4th & 5th, 2017 Round 1 and February 25th & 26th, 2017 Round 2 in Revelstoke B.C.

snow bike jump brett blaser imageGate positions are picked...track official pans the line...30 board is up! All conversation comes to a halt as the sound of engines bouncing off the rev limiter quickly take over. Riders slip in those last minute rituals and good luck charms. Families, teams, spectators and sponsors wait in anticipation for the roar that moto-blood knows so well! Each one of the team envisions the bragging rights received with their rider getting that ever-coveted HOLESHOT! 5 sec board is out, gate drops..... what? Snow flies???

For years snow kit manufacturers have been working hard at perfecting how to get a dirt bike through the snow efficiently. Well, we can honestly say if they haven’t perfected it, we can’t imagine what could be done to make these bike transformation kits any better for the snow. With the introduction of other snow bike series and the recent addition of snow bikes to the X-Games MCQMX has taken the lead on a true Canadian Snowbike National under CMRC sanctioning. With timed qualifiers to classify riders and the assigning of top ten national numbers as well as a pro-purse we are making a platform in Canada to show off the very best of our riders and products. With partners in this 2 round national series such as Motovan, Yeti and the Red Bull wing team along with the Revi dirt riders and snowmobile club the town of Revelstoke B.C. will become the final stop in years to come as this series grows and becomes a date, that will be penciled in each and every year by the best in this reasonably new discipline.

In 2016 MCQMX successfully united the province with CMRC sanctioned amateur MX racing, with our largest one day amateur event totaling 500 entries. We continue to look for ways for our riders to enjoy the sport they love so much in the winter months without going South. This is an option for riders to stay in the seat through the off season and come into the spring ready and fit to get back on the wheels in the dirt.

In catching up with some of the big names in the snow bike industry, we noticed all of the names were also well recognized in the world of MX. Yamaha/Yeti/Cycleworks pro rider, Cody Matechuk commented on some similarities between riding the wheeled MX bike and the Yeti transformed snow bike. “The weighting of the pegs is emphasized on the snow bike to make it perform and handle” says Matechuk and he went on to point out that MX riders will feel right at home on a snow bike in no time. Matechuk also stated this, “one of the things I Love most is getting out in the back country and being able to express myself on the snow bike after a busy season”.

snow bike holeshot brett blaser imageMonster/Kawasaki/Valley Motosport pro rider Brett Turcott found the conditioning side of snow biking to be very similar to that of MX. “I won’t lie to you” says Turcott “I still get arm pump on the beat up trails, its kind of like a gnarly set of sand rollers or a set of Supercross whoops that goes forever!”. Turcott goes on to say, “riding a snow bike is very similar to riding a dirt bike on one of those tough National tracks like Gopher Dunes or some of the other softer terrain tracks. Many of the same ideals apply with keeping the front end light with lots of power to the rear”. Last season Turcott took his Kawasaki/Yeti into the hills and carved a little piece of history by landing the first backflip on one of these machines. Nice work Brett!

One of the pioneers in this quickly growing sport of Snow Biking is non-other than Timbersled/Ridz KTM/Slednecks/509 Pro Rider Regan Sieg. Regan recently made a huge breakthrough in the Moto World with a segment on snow bikes in MOTO 8 which has quickly gained popularity worldwide. Snowmobiles have always had a spot on Regans’ winter schedule but for many years, with a name in the FMX world as well as Moto he found himself chasing US series and events as well as places to train. Regan commented “Since being on the snow bike I have got back to my B.C. roots and spend most of my winters right here in my own backyard. The places I have been on the snow bike would blow your mind and I continue to enjoy finding new areas in the back country. We go to the top of every snow covered mountain and the learning curve for new riders is small. When we get to a difficult section on a ride we will wait for the new guy to get through and sure enough he blows through an angled tree well with branches disrupted on both sides and joins the group. There is nothing like seeing a 60 year old have no problem getting to some of these difficult areas. We all give him a high five and away we go again!” Regan continued with some of the similarities with MX and snow bike MX stating “much of the riding we do is all about smart line choice which is very similar to the sport of MX”

Spectra Yamaha/Timbersled/FXR Pro Rider Brock Hoyer is also no stranger to just about anything with a motor but has spent many years racing MX in Canada and sports a long list of accomplishments in the MX world. In 2010 Hoyer removed the wheels off his Yamaha and outfitted it with his Timbersled kit to ‘track down some of the white stuff’. Well in no time at all Hoyer was taking home the brass once again. While he did not complete in all rounds of any US Snow Bike MX series he took the top step on the block at every one he showed up to! When we asked Hoyer as an MX er, was this an easy thing to pick up? He was quick to respond “ Super easy to pick and right from my first days on a Snow Bike I found it great way to cross train. It was not easy to come up with the money to train through the off season and remain competitive for National Pro motocross. Before the snow Bike days I would go to California for a couple weeks to train on the bike but that was always a few grand. Most dirt riders or racers that try this will say at first it feels different or weird but overall it is very similar. The gyro of the front wheel is missing as it replaced with a ski so there is no rotation type feeling in the front. This takes a bit of getting used to but the way I have my snow bike set up it has a very similar feel to the dirt especially on mx tracks. Many people also think that with the track sticking out so far that the bike would have an unbalanced feel but again this is a misconception, surprisingly it has a very balanced feel.” When asked about having our own Canadian Snow Bike MX National this is what Hoyer had to say “ I think having our own National series is cool, this sport has roots and is here to stay. I elieve that, as Canadians we have a bit of an edge. For years when our American friends just went a bit further south to stay on the bike in the dirt, we were forced into the cross training closer to home which for me would have to include snow.”

Feb 4,5 and Feb 25,26 2017 will take hold in the minds of those already into the sport of Snow Biking and we believe will also inspire interest in the Moto community that have not tried the bikes on the snow. The Saturday will be qualifiers and mains for national Snow Bike MX and Sunday of each round will be a filmed freeride in the mountains of Revelstoke B.C. and an opportunity to see all this talent show their stuff in the back country. With a pro purse up for grabs and support classes like intermediate and sportsmen this will be a blast for every level of rider and keep spectators on the edge of seats as they watch the talent seen on the dirt, hit the snow!

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