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Our Track Spotlight from 2016

This week we will have the spotlight on the track that hosted round 1 of the 2015 Kawasaki BC Championships. That’s right we are going to Quesnel, which is run by the QMXA. We were able to get the inside from club president Gerry Shepherd so lets see what Gerry had to say about one of B.C.’s finest sand tracks:

671 JacksonMCQMX - What are the things riders love most about your track?

Gerry - SAND!!! Either you love it or you hate it. The QMXA is a total sand track that racer’s have said to be one of the most challenging tracks in B.C. But who isn’t up for a good challenge right?  For many of the local rider’s, who hadn’t ventured out in the world or racing, thought this was the norm until they started racing other tracks then realized we had a pretty unique track.  Another love for the Quesnel track is location ! We are so fortunate in Quesnel to have our track located pretty much right in town. 5 minutes to Tim Horton's, Hotels, Wal-Mart, the pool, bike shops, ect. We are also geographically located in the center of the province which allows rider’s from the north and south to come practice or ride just for fun.

MCQMX - What are some of the challenging aspects with riding your track?

Gerry - One of the most challenging aspects we have had in the past with maintaining the track has been keeping the water on during the hot days. However with the support of our local community, local businesses and community grants, we were able to purchase our own watering system last year. Now those hot race days are being watered down during race events to keep the track in mint condition. We would like to implement watering for practice weekends as well to deal with the dust. So if it’s ever raining anywhere else in the province, you may want to come to Quesnel for some of the best riding on those dreary wet days. Deep sand and uphill climbs are a bit more challenging on this terrain that keeps every racer from beginner’s to pro’s on the edge of their seat at all times.

TowerMCQMX - What kind of soil makes up your track?

Gerry - I spoke a lot about the sand, but we have also brought in a lot of clay and dirt to help build up the jumps and corners. The variety of material has made this track very successful.

MCQMX - Are there plans for any changes to the track or facility for 2016?

Gerry - We are always working on improving our facility and making changes to the track. Last year they added the back uphill climb and are always looking at new ways to add onto the track. We still have some untouched territory so you never know what can transpire. Like I mentioned we now have our own watering system and are working on obtaining more water tanks for the site to eliminate hauling during events. Added starting gates and a new announcers tower was also a huge asset last year and this year we are still working on a few idea’s for the facility such as a sound system to reach the spectating area and racers camping site. I’ve also been in touch with Kourtney Lloyd and we are working on hosting some riding schools. She has some skilled pro’s on her team that she’s hosted riding schools with and now we’d like to offer rider’s the opportunity to gain more skills here in Quesnel, centrally located in the sandy terrain. Watch for upcoming dates.

MCQMX - What would you like riders and families to know about your track or area that you think would encourage them to come to your mcqmx event date (s)?

Gerry - Quesnel is hosting the first MCQMX north series race April 16,17 but not limiting it to the north. We encourage everyone from the north and south to come get some time on the seat and kick off a new season of racing. This is a CMRC sanctioned event, part of the same circuit as last year under a new promoting body. Quesnel has ample parking for all the camper’s and hotels only 5 minutes away. The Quesnel track is set up for racer’s of all skill levels and shortened on the same track for smaller bikes.
What we’re also really excited for once again is the final race in July when North meets South. We are very fortunate to host this race during Billy Barker Days. B.C.’s largest free family festival. The entire city of Quesnel turns into the Gold rush days with events happening every day, every night for the weekend starting off with the “Crash to Pass” on Thursday evening, July 14th, 2016 and just a short walk from the motocross track. There are many more events to take in during the weekend such as the parade ( which we partake in), concerts in the park, the gold dust mall (down town streets of vendor’s), West Coast Amusement park, and much much more. Check out their website for all the events at billybarkerdays.ca

It’s a great weekend to bring the entire family out to as there is something for everyone but best of all, is bringing the community out to the motocross track to wrap up the weekend festivities with some sand roosting, adrenaline pumping, sky high jumping, motocross racing !

For all updates about the QMXA , like us on facebook at Quesnel Motocross Association.

A rider that is no stranger to the Quesnel track is top Intermediate Colton Shepherd(#182), and here is what Colton had to say about B.C.’s finest sand track:

182 Colton ShepherdColton:  The Quesnel track is definitely different than any other track. It's a lot of fun with all the sand. With each moto it's like riding a different track because it changes so much.  The rougher it gets the more fun I have. In case of a crash, it's the best track to crash at because the sand is so soft. It's one of my favorite tracks to ride but I like going to other tracks to get out of the sand once in awhile.  It has big jumps and wide corners with the straight sections turning into big rollers as time goes on which are a lot of fun. I also like the fact that it doesn't get very muddy when it rains.  During races, there is no time to catch your breath and regain your energy because if you do the sand will take you for its own ride.  There is a big jump right in front of the hill where the spectators watch that you can do something a little fancy to catch their eye. I like doing big whips or heel clickers to make it fun.  It's definately a new experience and eye opener if you've never ridden there before. It challenges everyone from beginners to pro's.

We would encourage all South and North riders to make the first round in Quesnel and see for yourself this amazing track! This is also where both North and South will meet in the final rounds of both series so don’t miss the opportunity to come up with your game plan to take home the brass!

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Special thanks to Conor Sproull for producing this video!

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