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AWESOME is the word most people use to describe one of BC's favourite tracks!

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Our Track Spotlight in 2016

This weeks track spotlight is pretty close to home for us and we are super excited to bring MCQMX racing to Kelowna’s Bear Creek MX track run by the Kelowna Dirt Bike Club(KDBC). Over the last few years the Bear Creek track has become a riders favorite with lots of Jumps, natural contour and a great atmosphere! We managed to get some questions answered by KDBC President Wayne Unger. Wayne is a rider himself and has 2 daughters who have got the bug as well. Let’s look at some of Wayne’s responses to our questions below:

kelowna pic 5MCQMX - What are the things riders love most about your track?

Wayne - There are several things we hear from riders repeatedly. They love the location, it’s up in the hills backing onto a beautiful valley. We have a great track for every level of rider. Even when we cut the track for the 50cc classes, they still have a good track with lots of obstacles.

MCQMX - What are some of the challenging aspects with riding your track?

Riders tell us that our track is very technical. It doesn’t have quite the flow of some tracks that are on larger chunks of land, but it is a challenging track that will definitely keep you on your toes. Passing is challenging, but I think that’s the case on most tracks. It’s a lot of track put into a smaller area.

MCQMX - What kind of soil makes up your track?

Wayne - Our track consists mostly of soft loam, with some sand sections. We’ve been constantly mixing in fiber to help hold moisture which definitely helps. As long as we keep it from getting too dry the bikes hook up great!

MCQMX - Are there plans for any changes to the track or facility for 2016?

kelowna pic3Wayne - We have done major changes to the track for this year. The whole lower section of the track is new, nothing has been used from the previous layout. We tried to use some natural elevation to make it more interesting. There is a sand section that is going to get very nasty and challenging. We’ve tried to make more room for passing but still keep it technical. Once we get out there we’ll have a better idea, but other than a few tweaks, I think it looks good.

MCQMX - What would you like riders and families to know about your track or area that you think would encourage them to come to your mcqmx event date (s)?

Wayne - I think the area offers so much to do, other than the track. There’s world class off road riding just up from the track. I think coming to our track and staying in Kelowna for a few days to hit the beach (OK maybe not in April) or just relax is a bonus. We are so fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful places anywhere and hope people will check it out.

kelowna pic 2We were also able to catch up to a couple of Kelowna racers and get some of their thoughts on the Bear Creek track. This is what local pro Zach Ruff (#223) had to say about his home track:

Zach - The Kelowna Track is my local track and also one of my favorite tracks in B.C. It consists of sandy loam mixture with a hard base but also has sections of pure sand. With the recent addition of bark mulch and saw dust mixed into the dirt it has helped create deeper ruts and develop larger breaking bumps making for better racing. The track has had some big changes to the back section this winter making it tighter and more technical which has lots of people excited for the snow to melt so we can get out there and rip it up!

Also no stranger to getting some seat time in Kelowna is one of MCQMX’s very own Carson McQueen(#177). Carson runs top intermediate and is working hard to get some black on white numbers like Zach. Here is what he had to say about Kelowna:

carson in kelownaCarson - The Bear Creek MX track is also one of my favorite tracks mostly because of the natural elevation change and huge air jumps. I also enjoy the diversity in corners, with some skate park berms, flat corners with ruts and even the odd off camber. On practice days the track starts out perfectly groomed and watered and as the day goes on it challenges riders to practice picking good lines. I had an opportunity to ride the new section at Bear Creek MX track after the major changes in the fall and I think it could be my new favorite section.

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